From 19th – 28th November, eight Falklands veterans and nine injured servicemen from more recent conflicts will embark on a 75 mile trek across the Falklands. The trek will serve to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Falklands War. Travelling from Port San Carlos to Port Stanley - the route undertaken by British Forces during the conflict - the expedition will act as a fitting tribute to those who served, were injured or who fell during the campaign.

A unique aspect of the NFA's work is the way we mix serving personnel with veterans of all ages, from WWII to Afghanistan; like-minded people with shared experiences, but from different backgrounds. This will be reflected in those taking part in this Trek Challenge. Many of the injured servicemen the NFA have met in recent years - from the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan - joined the military because of the Falklands conflict. They have subsequently met Falklands veterans through attending the NFA’s events forming close bonds and even lasting friendships.

The group consists of 20 members; 8 will be members of SAMA82, 2 will be injured serving personnel and 7 will be wounded servicemen from more recent campaigns. There will be 3 support staff, 2 of which are either serving or retired – a truly eclectic, military group. This commemorative trek therefore embraces the NFA’s ethos of “Comradeship to Challenge” and builds on their success of mixing the veterans by age and campaign. It is hoped that this challenge will do much to help many of the veterans on their individual recovery pathways. Although other charities have visited the Islands this year as part of the commemorations, the NFA believe their group will represent a unique gathering of younger and older service personnel. As such, it will not only do a great deal to honour those who served in the South Atlantic, but also be hugely beneficial to those taking part. This is the charity’s flagship challenge event for 2017 and they have been well supported by the military, SAMA82 and the Falklands Island Government. The plan is to be based in Hillside Camp and once the challenge is completed the group will have a few days to study some of the battles, honour those who served there and learn a little of the rich Falkland Islands history.

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