Leisure Breaks

These appeal to a wide range of age groups and include battlefield tours in Europe, a track day experience at Brands Hatch, country activity weekends in Buckinghamshire and Scotland, visiting the Gatcombe Horse Trials and short breaks at the Union Jack Club in London before and after our Royal Parties.

Varying from two to seven days, all these breaks provide much-needed fun, relaxation and the opportunity to make new friends. We will also include partners or carers when we believe this will be beneficial. Guests share their experiences of service, injury and rehabilitation, experiencing the comradeship and banter they once knew.

Contact events@nfassociation.org for more information.

“I've been struggling with my motivation and confidence since being medically discharged in 2014. Brands Hatch was the tonic I needed to realise I'm not alone. It's given me a spring in my step and inspired me to volunteer to take part in other activities. Thank you for an inspiring day.” – Jez Ryan, RAF