Activity Holidays

We organise an annual programme of activity holidays such as skiing, white water canoeing, rafting, trekking, sailing and the more gentle activity of carp fishing. These trips encourage socialisation and help our beneficiaries to overcome their fears and doubts about their capabilities. There is almost always an immediate improvement in their outlook and confidence as they realise that they can participate in challenging activities. Taking on such physical and mental challenges renews enthusiasm and encourages our beneficiaries in other aspects of their lives, including personal and family relationships. Contact for more information on upcoming trips.

“I managed to go through so many barriers which not only gave me confidence but therapy to boot. The time I had meeting other veterans was also a great boost. The time in Breckenridge meant I could put so many demons to rest plus it made me feel human again and has given me a sense of purpose in life.” – Andy Jones, Royal Navy