Each year we arrange dozens of concerts entertaining thousands of veterans and residents in ex-service care homes throughout England and Scotland.

Music has always been at the heart of the Association’s work and research shows that it can have a powerful therapeutic effect on those living in care, particularly on older people with dementia. Our concerts to the homes are a highlight in their calendars and give a much needed morale boost to the elderly residents, many of whom are frail or live with dementia, to their family members and also to the staff.

Staged by Mickie Driver, or by Libby Stuart in Scotland, and their teams of professional entertainers who have a wonderful ability to connect with often very frail and poorly people, these afternoons bring fun, joy and laughter to veterans who are unable to get out and about.

It is always very moving to see the residents smiling, joining in the singing, clapping hands, tapping their feet and even dancing as smiles light up their faces and they remember songs from happier times. There is little doubt that these concerts provide very tangible social, psychological and general health benefits.

In addition, for veterans not in care homes and who are able to get out and about, we arrange afternoon tea concerts in larger venues such as Phyllis Court in Henley-on-Thames and the Royal Star & Garter Home.

“Your concerts mean a great deal to our residents. They lift their spirits and boost their morale; this comforts family members that their loved one is well cared for. You only have to see the smiles on their faces during the concerts to know what a difference it makes to everyone.” - Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Home

Televisions & TV Licences

For ex-service men and women who are housebound or have very restricted mobility due to physical or mental injury or disability, and are therefore unable to attend our events and activities, we can provide a television and/or a TV Licence.

Through this service we enable veterans of all ages to enjoy what is often their only source of entertainment and link with the outside world, as well as a financial benefit. For those who live in such difficult circumstances, this unique service can make a huge difference to their mental and psychological health.

Applications for such support are submitted mainly by caseworkers from SSAFA and The Royal British Legion. We also provide televisions and licences to a range of ex-service care homes, hospitals, hostels, housing projects and rehabilitation centres. Some of these are for the use of individuals, whilst others are for communal areas enabling many more people to benefit from our support.

Please contact Robin for more information.

“Your generous donation has helped me settle into my lovely new flat. I have had to have both my legs amputated above the knee and your contribution has been a great support in my recovery." - John Batty