These are a small sample of the many messages of thanks and appreciation that we receive from partner charities, individuals and organisations we support.

Partner Charities

“The events that our Band of Brothers/Sisters are invited to by The Not Forgotten Association are invaluable and have a massive impact on their wellbeing and confidence. The events held by your organisation allow our members to meet with others in a similar situation in a supportive environment. Having such fantastic offers from the NFA is a huge asset to us and our members.

The offers we receive from The Not Forgotten Association are hugely popular. Those who come back from these events feel uplifted as they have made new friends with other veterans going through similar things. The most important thing that our members get out of these days is being able to mix with people who understand what they are going through. Some of them report feeling isolated and alone, so getting out of the house and doing something fun to take their mind off their troubles is incredibly important. Our members come away feeling positive and are therefore more likely to engage and reach out for further support.”

Lauren Pude, National Events Coordinator, Help for Heroes, Band of Brothers/Sisters

“In 2016 The Not Forgotten Association offered assistance to nearly 500 SSAFA beneficiaries. Without this most generous support, we would not be able to carry out meeting the needs of our beneficiaries. The benefits of having a TV Licence are manifold, in terms of keeping those who cannot afford even this basic facility in touch with the world and cheerful, despite their difficulties. It does make all the difference and I’m very grateful to the Association.”

Roger Hardman, Head of Welfare, SSAFA


“I have been on various trips with the NFA following my early medical discharge from the Royal Marines in 2009 as a result of serious blast injuries I suffered in Afghanistan. It is always a tonic to get back amongst service men and women again and do the things we used to do. The Iceland Trek Challenge gave me a boost and got me thinking how I am going to spend my year, and to get things back into perspective. I will be spending more quality time doing things which make you appreciate still being around. The lads may be missing legs or eyesight or other injuries but the soldier’s mischief still shines through. And to see the guys and girls exhausted from the hard work but ready for a laugh shows that they are not beaten yet.”

Colour Nigel Lithgow, Royal Marines

“The NFA has helped me to break out of the downward spiral I was in. The trip has made me realise that we can have fun despite our hidden wounds. Being in a group of veterans with a range of mental and physical wounds, who understand and still have that squaddie banter, reminds us that we are not alone and enables cheerfulness in adversity. This trip has brought me back to life, I have a little spark again. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, one I will never forget. I’m going home recharged, stronger, more positive and ready to take on life’s challenges. The NFA means hope, friendship and laughter and allows me to be me again. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.”

Donna Johnstone, Royal Artillery


“Many of our residents are frail so are unable to access services in the community; this can be very isolating and cause low morale. Twice a year we have a concert provided by your Association which means residents can still enjoy a show, joining in with the singing and reminiscing about how it used to be. Families join us for the concerts and it becomes a real fun event. Your concerts boost morale and improve wellbeing by being cheerful but poignant at the same time. Many residents who cannot speak join in the singing and we see smiles and tears of happiness. Residents speak about the concerts for days afterwards. I have one lady who never speaks, but when the singing starts she sings out loud to every word. This is very emotional for her family and the staff.”

Tracy Tremble, Manager, The Royal British Legion Maurice House

“The NFA’s activities and events are key to helping our beneficiaries in reducing their isolation and loneliness and improving relationships with others. Veterans, partners and family members can feel frustrated and helpless when suffering or dealing with medical conditions on a daily basis and this can impact on relationships with other family and friends. Their financial constraints can cause beneficiaries to be housebound for long periods of time, increasing feelings of isolation and loneliness. Your support and the types of events you organise help to improve these constraints which in turn improves their and their family’s wellbeing. We have been told by most of the beneficiaries who attend your events that it has re-focused their habits and stimulates them to engage in other activities, even if this simply means going to the shops and involving themselves in their local communities for a short period of time.”

Geoffrey Brown RAF, National Gulf Veterans & Families Association

“On behalf of the Commanding Officer, thank you for the support provided to our personnel, including our more severely injured patients. Some of them are in rehabilitation for many years and the recovery pathway is arduous. Motivation is a key factor in rehabilitation and the events that you offer our personnel provide the incentive to re-engage in society. Furthermore, the therapeutic goals targeted through these events would otherwise be very difficult to achieve.”

WO2 Brian Dent, Royal Marine Military Liaison Officer, Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre